Plan B Art Project to Visit Salt Hill Gallery

Plan B Art Project Show Opening at Salt Hill Gallery

Salt Hill Gallery, jewelry store in downtown Fargo, will be hosting the Plan B Art Project traveling art exhibition. The show opening is set for August 14th, 2023 from 4:45pm-7:00pm. Save the date and add it to your calendar! Twenty-five% of the artisan-made jewelry proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood. 

About The Plan B Art Project 

The Plan B Art Project is a collective art project bringing together a large group of contemporary metal and jewelry artists to call attention to the current state of a person’s right to a legal and safe abortion.

Art has always been a tool to bring light to societal injustices and the Plan B Project is a nod to our past and, most disturbingly, new limits on the ability to seek a safe method of ending a pregnancy throughout the United States. In this project, each artist has either created an original Amphora Bottle as a piece of wearable art or interpreted the project to represent bodily autonomy.

About Salt Hill Gallery

Salt Hill Gallery offers art as adornment. The showroom features unique jewelry created by skilled artists. Salt Hill Gallery is located in the Block 9 building Fargo, ND, at the heart of downtown, and next to Jasper Hotel and Rosewild restaurant on Broadway Square.