Augis Pendant: The History, Art, and Romance of Vintage French Love Tokens

Discovering the Charm of Augis Pendants: A Fusion of History, Art, and Romance

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For those of us who treasure the beauty and rich stories behind each piece, the Augis Pendant offers intrigue and allure. The Augis Pendants, or love tokens, are one of our favorite pieces to find and sell at Salt Hill Gallery. These pieces come and go quickly so make sure to follow Salt Hill Gallery on Instagram to see the latest, or check our vintage jewelry collection.

Augis, a renowned French jewelry brand, intertwines captivating history with stunning creations reminiscent of our beloved vintage Victorian and Edwardian collections. I’ll share our current collection of Augis Pendants here and then tell you the amazing story of Augis love tokens below.

The Narrative Behind Augis Pendants: Where Elegance Meets History

Our journey into the heart of Augis jewelry brings us to the Augis Pendant, a masterpiece of design and sentiment. Tracing back to the late 19th century in France, Alphonse Augis, the artisan behind these exquisite pendants, began crafting tokens of love, echoing the timeless elegance of the Victorian era.

Much like the intricate designs of Victorian and Edwardian jewelry, each Augis Pendant is a symbol of enduring love, imbued with romance and artful craftsmanship. This 1950 advertisement below shows its place throughout history as a love token.

History of A Augis Pendant

qu’hier – queue: More Than Yesterday and Less Than Tomorrow

Intriguingly, many Augis Pendants feature the inscription ‘+ qu’hier – que demain’. This phrase, inspired by Rosemonde Gerard’s 19th-century poem “L’Eternelle Chanson,” translates to “more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.” It captures the essence of love’s ever-growing nature, a sentiment deeply resonant with the themes found in Victorian jewelry.

Augis Love Token

Alphonse Augis and the Creation of a Legacy

In the heart of Paris, on the bustling Boulevard des Italiens, Alphonse Augis’s vision for the Augis Pendant was realized. His drive to encapsulate love and emotion in jewelry led to the creation of these iconic tokens. Each Augis Pendant, much like the detailed Victorian pieces, is a testament to love’s depth and the artistry of its era.

The Evolution of the Augis Pendant: Adapting to Changing Styles

Over the years, the design of the Augis Pendant has evolved, reflecting shifts in fashion and taste. From intricate, Victorian-inspired pieces to sleek, modern designs, each Augis Pendant remains true to the brand’s ethos of celebrating love and artistic expression. This evolution mirrors the influence of historical styles on contemporary jewelry.


Augis Pendants: Weaving Into Cultural Fabric

Augis Pendants have become more than just jewelry; they are woven into the cultural fabric, symbolizing enduring love and artistic heritage. Each Augis Pendant is a fashion statement and a piece of history, carrying the same depth of sentiment as the cherished Victorian and Edwardian jewelry.

The Timeless Appeal of Augis Pendants

Augis Pendants, with their deep historical roots and artistic storytelling, offers more than mere adornment. They represent the enduring nature of love, a bridge to the past, akin to the vintage jewelry we hold dear. Whether opting for a contemporary Augis Pendant or a design inspired by vintage aesthetics, you embrace a piece of history, a story of love and artistry that transcends time.

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Augis Love Token
Augis + qu’hier – que demain
History of A Augis Pendant