Fallen Leaf combined brooch and necklace, on 46cm gold-plated stainless steel 5-wire necklace, by artist-jeweler Tomi Bratland of Nature Metal Works. Pendant detaches to function independently as a brooch when not worn as a necklace.

note: per special request, Fallen Leaf available on black leather cording for $850. Contact us to request.

For over 20 years, Tomi has been creating her original designs – simple yet elegant forms of nature that are sculpted and expressed through silver, gold and other metals. Currently  based in Honolulu, Tomi operates an established design studio and gallery across the street from the Honolulu Museum of Art. Her work has been featured around the globe – in Asia, North America, and Europe. Recent solo exhibitions have brought her back to her roots of timelessness and simplicity in Japan, and have been featured at galleries in Ginza, Kyoto, Osaka and Kanagawa.