a luxe pair of solid 18k yellow gold hoops, a new take on a classic with enough visual interest to stand out amongst the other gold hoops – an outstanding addition to a jewelry lover’s collection!

materials: solid 18k yellow gold, made in California, each hoop measures approximately 0.81 inches round x 0.035 inches thick
*also available in bright silver, simply contact us to order

The Sugar Brick collection is made by meticulously laying tiny sugar crystals in patterns. These hoops have a horizontal pattern all the way around the earring.

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About the Artist

Kelsey Simmen is a jewelry artist who fabricates her work by hand in Northern California. She graduated with her Bachelor’s of Fine Art in San Francisco in 2009. After earning her degree she worked under several notable women in the jewelry field accumulating a diverse toolbox to start her own jewelry studio. Kelsey’s work features sugar as a main theme. She creates textures in her pieces by growing, manipulating, and building with its crystals, from tiny sanding sugar to large rock candy. Her intention is to create beautiful pieces that are distinct and thoughtful and become part of both your everyday rituals and your unique experiences. Wear something sweet!