#LoveatSaltHill – John & Bryce’s Engagement Ring Story ❤️ 🏹

We are pleased to feature couples who have celebrated their love through a piece from Salt Hill Gallery. Meet John & Bryce from Fargo and see their engagement ring! Meet them by reading their As to our Qs below! #LoveatSaltHill


How would you describe your jewelry style? What do you love about the piece you and your loved one selected?
I am definitely into vintage pieces and love to walk the line between a feminine and masculine look. I absolutely love the engraving on the band I picked out. Also love that we were able to learn about some history of my ring!

Can you share a bit about your love story?
We had a very Covid love story! We met online in March 2020, but didn’t actually meet until 2 months later due to the early stages of the pandemic fresh on everyone’s minds. Once we did meet, the connection was so obvious between the two of us! And the rest, is history.

Tell us the story of giving your partner the engagement ring. (The proposal!)
We picked it out together but I told him to forget about it and that I wanted to surprise him with it when I proposed. In front of a bunch of our family and friends I got down and one knee and proposed. Despite knowing what the ring looked like, he was definitely surprised I proposed that night which is exactly what we wanted.

What does the engagement ring you chose mean or symbolize to you?
To me, my ring symbolizes our past, present, and future. My ring being over 100 years old really puts into perspective how long things can last. It gives me hope that our relationship will be just as strong as this ring.

We ask couples these same 5 fun questions:

1. You are serving your partner their dream meal. What’s on the table?
Bryce: I would give John a pepperoni pizza
John: I would give Bryce a reeeeally good steak.

2. What is one thing each of you could teach a stranger to do?
Bryce: John could teach a stranger something artistic, possible staging a room.
John: Bryce could teach a stranger how electricity works.

3. Who wants to be the person planning the surprise? Would would want to be the person being surprised?
We could see us going both ways! We both like keeping things interesting by surprising each other with big and little things!

4. Is there a particular place that reminds you of your partner?
Bryce: Home Goods or Bostons Pizza!
John: Every time we are near Memorial Riverfront Park in Moorhead I think of Bryce as it was the location of one of our very first dates.

5. What is something you want to do together but haven’t yet?
We want to go on a tropical vacation, just the two of us, and grow our family with a kid or two!

What would you tell somebody considering shopping at Salt Hill?
I would tell someone to absolutely stop in. Shopping at Salt Hill is an experience unlike any other; the attention to detail and service you will receive is something you can only dream of. You can tell that the Ladies of Salt Hill genuinely have such a passion for what they do and it shows!