Sisi Joía

The brand

Sisi Joia was founded in 2019 and developed with the idea of exploring the possibilities of vintage and recycled beads. Sisi’s a playful character. She likes to try and change things along with her mood and environment, and the collections reflect that versatility.

The designer

Cécile is 32 years old and has been living and working in Paris since 2010. With a background in advertising and fashion (A.P.C. and Vanessa Seward), she developed her taste for beautiful objects and artisanship.

 The material

By pure coincidence, Cécile moved near a flea market and met with a merchant with an important stock of vintage beads. Over time, she collected beads and started crafting jewelry pieces.

She now continues to carefully select and gather beads from various sources around Paris.

Another creative partnership has been set with a Syrian merchant who imports blown glass handmade in Damascus. The local glass blower recycles glass debris collected and makes raw shaped beads in various colors.

Everything is made to order, by hand, in Cécile’s atelier in Paris.

The pieces created are precious looking and compliment the simplest look.