Joanna Dahdah

Entering the world of Joanna Dahdah is immersing oneself in a world of beauty, finesse, and femininity.

Joanna designs refined everyday jewelry that is meant to be worn like a second skin. Through her designs, she pays tribute to her heritage and tells the story of motherhood, love, and friendship. Joanna believes jewelry is personal and is meant to procure happiness, which is translated through the use of color in her pieces. Joanna’s aim is to design ‘Jewelry that will make your heart smile’. Meticulously made in 18k gold, precious, semi-precious stones, and enamel, Joanna lets the wearer write their own story by picking their own combination of jewels.


Keen to support her local community and talent, Joanna’s jewelry is carefully produced in her workshop in Beirut using traditional and modern manufacturing techniques.

Eager to empower the women of her community, especially working mothers like herself, Joanna proudly leads a team composed of 100% women in her Beirut flagship store.